The Struggle In Fitness Life!


It's a pleasure in knowing my body is the process of healing after yesterday's weight lifting training. I wasn't even as satisfied with that workout but it's glad to know that my legs and glutes are sore right now, it's a positive thing, means am getting stronger, lol. Although I should really do better with my weight lifting game.

Sometimes I feel like taking a pain killer whenever I feel sore but read online that it can reduce the inflammation but will make your workout less effective. Well, If it's that easy to eliminate the pain for sore muscles after weight training, everybody will be so freaking fit and muscular now! 😂

Anyways, just a quick recap of my day...

After my morning walk, I took a long warm shower and headed to the mall. My sister and I went grocery shopping. While we were at the mall, I wanted to have lunch and only eat just meat because I was thinking of doing a keto dite for at least five days a week. It's so hard to find a restaurant that offers good portion of meat at decent price. So we just went to the same Vietnamese restaurant, as usual. 😂

I ordered a phó but didn't the noodles 😁

I didn't want to consume too much carbs so only ate the three different beef and herbs in the soup and the broth. I gave the noodles to my sister (which I really didn't want to eat it but she's not kill her self like I do 😂), she shared her chicken summer rolls, I ate two.

I got inspired of the meatballs, I thought I should make it at home and look up a recipe for it, but then we went to the grocery store and I changed my mind. Instead of making the Vietnamese style, I'll do the basic meatballs because it's easier. I'll probably just do the other recipe next time!

At the moment...

Making some meatballs! Yum! 🤗


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