The Stunning 'Rhymthmic Movements' Sculpture

Rhymthmic Movements Sculpture

This 21-foot sculpture can be spotted at Sofitel Manila, made by Eduardo Castrillo, a national artist, who was known for his metal sculpture, using bronze, brass and steel by hammering, cutting, and welding.

First impression of this art, (not that am the right person to be asked on opinions or to curate an a real art work)

I wasn't really sure what the sculpture means until I did my research.

The sculpture symbolizes a developing plant, using bronze sheets and tubes to achieve the 'rhymthmic' shape. It is said that, it's Castrillo's tribute to nature by using durable materials.

This sculpture is beside the grand spiral staircase, which also stands on a water fountain which mimics the movement of a developing plant.

📸 : Google PIXEL XL ( Edited using Lightroom)
🌏 : Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila