This What We Filipinos Eat If We Chose To Be Healthy 😁


The other day, I had a date with my best friends, Lence and Floriza. We all met at Starbucks while Iwwas having my warm tea then went to the supermarket to buy some groceries to make some Filipino dishes.

I have been wanting cook some Filipino food at my place but I wanted to share it with someone on the table. Food is better when you share it with others, specially Filipino food.

For me, it's better to cook at home because most Filipino restaurants use a lot of msg to season the food. When you prepare the Filipino food, it's definitely cheaper than going out to eat.


We spent about 7 USD for all this food. You'll see how much food we made for 7 USD as you scroll down.


ginisang petchay at baboy (snow cabbage with pork)


ginisang ampalaya na may itlog itlog (sautéed bitter gourd with egg)


Sinigang na baboy (pork soup)


freshly pickled cucumbers


A little bit of fruits after meal. I like watermelon because it's not heavy, since it's mostly water.

So that was our dinner, the traditional Filipino food. 😊 I will always look forward to hangout WITH my gals because I can enjoy some of my Filipino food cravings. 😉