Thursday, Fun Day!

First selfie of the day!

It's a beautiful day and I was so excited for this day, I don't why. It was the just the feeling I got when I woke this morning and feelt greatful for everything.


I had my coffee and finished some online work and headed outside.


I walked around the community while waiting for my Zumba class to starts. It's been almost past 4 mins after 9 and got back to the gym and my colleagues wasn't there yet but few people working out.

It usually starts at 9am but I am 30 mins early. When it comes to time management most Filipinos are so bad at it, we call it Filipinos time, lol! Hopefully they'll be on time.

Finally, 4 mins past 9am, everyone arrived smiling, full of energy and excited to go dancing!

Oh hey we had a new instructor? This was just my second time joining the Zumba class and it was really fun.

I was going back to my place after Zumba class and I took the stairs because the power cut off and the back up generator wasn't working so the elevator was no use. It probably took 50 steps at least, extra exercise for me! 😁

It's been a busy day, am on my way home from the mall and still too many little things to finish. How about you, how's your day going so far?