Unknown: Random Mumblings #2

Once and for all, I want to share this to everyone and the rest of the real world

I am home but I am empty
I need to go on own direction and leave my family behind
I cannot turn back time because there is no going back
I cannot ask my father to change for us
I cannot ask my mother to leave her job and have time for us
I cannot ask my siblings for forgiveness because I am moving on with my life

Did you understand why?

I went through your diary
I was saving coins and buried it in the soil behind our house
I always ran away a lot of times
I stayed away from people
I was trying to save the puppy from Feri’s hands
I was saving our cousin, Ferdi from destroying his life
I got upset with our family and relatives
I got so upset with Dad’s mom and family
I got so upset of our neighbors and the whole town
I got upset when you killed a lizard
I got upset of human beings
I like Mother nature destroying its own gifts
I have obsessions
I sound a hypocrite sometimes
I am willing to give my last breath to humanity

Who am I?

I am not here to blog
I am not here just to have fun
I am not here just to make friends
I am a part of the human race and I am called a human being.
I am a Filipino but I am different because I am real
I have a free will and I do not follow all the Filipino traditions and what my ancestors taught me
I listen but not necessarily mean that I agree to everything I hear
I am not fluent in English
I read articles, books, news, magazines all kinds of writings but not necessarily mean that I believe everything I read
I watch tv series, movies, documentaries but not necessarily mean I understood everything
I do not care to be a minnow, a dolphin or a whale or what other aliases
I care about people who care about human nature

Did you see me teary eyed because?

I was chasing time
I was taking every opportunity in life
I was offering help and but took it all for granted
I was being selfless
I am still obsession of the steemit program
I couldn’t accept how you don’t understand the future of crypto

I never wanted all these voices in my head
I never wanted all these pain
I never wanted to think that there are a lot of other voices that can’t be heard
I never wanted to be born
I never wanted to be part of this chaotic world
I never wanted to be a Filipino
I never wanted to be your friend

I am grateful for everything I have now
I didn’t have a great life when I was a kid
I was lucky that I saw the real world at a young age
My family isn’t rich but we like to share what we can share with others
I share all the littlest secrets only to my Nana
I like staring at the sky because it’s beautiful

Can you?

hear my voice
feel me

Why don’t you?

wake up and go out of your comfort zone
be brave and show the whole world what you can give
You don’t know the REAL ME. I am here to find the great beyond