To all of my friends on Steemit. A quick update :) <3

I am here, I have not gone anywhere. Do not worry. I have been traveling a lot recently. Trying to read comments, and make replies on a mobile phone is... Meh.

I left some groups on Facebook chat, only because it was becoming a bit much... My phone was blowing up with notifications 24/7.

Today, I will be visiting my hometown... Passing out some small gifts I bought in Cebu, and will be spreading the Steemit word like a bible saleswoman :)

Is everyone ok? Please don't forget to REINVEST in yourself. If you haven't noticed, Steem has moved from 0.00025-0.00040 this week. Now it is 0.00037. Anyone who bought, or held Steem from last week, will notice a much larger account value.

If your account value was $100 last week... Today it could be worth $130.

If in 1 year, Steem is worth $10 per coin... And you have a $100 value now, multiply your account by 9.5x

There will soon be updates on the Cebu conference... Remember to tell everyone you know! We need this to be a big party, with lots of SBD prizes and fun events :)