Tribe Talk: Living Your Best Life on Lifestyle

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Steemit is now becoming more decentralised than ever with second layer front ends we now refer to as tribes. Each tribe forms its own community around a topic or cause they are passionate about.

Having the steemit community venture off into these various sub-categories can be really confusing and it's easy to get lost with the wave of new additions to the blockchain but fear not, that's what tribe talk is all about.

Demystifying tribes and helping you find communities you may want to be a part of in #newsteem

All about the Lifestyle

If you want to know what your fellow steemians are up to or you would like to share your slice of life with the chain then lifestyle is for you. Share special moments, what you getting up to, what you're eating, what you plan on doing, what you're craving, places you're visiting and more.

Live & Share Your Best Life... You've Only Got One! The lifestyle tribe community supports a host #lifestyle content. Check em out today

You can access the Lifestyle Tribe by visiting their own front end or via Steempeak