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Hi Uloggers,

I went to the gym today and I am feeling good. I know mentioned in my older ulog that am going to write a blog for workout routine. I'll try to right it soon, lol, right now am enjoy writing a ulog. It's easier for me to write what's currently happening in my life, isn't it the same for you?


Am laying on the bench by the pool and enjoying the weather. Am glad the storm is gone and mr. sunshine came out today. I hope there's no casualties during this storm. I haven't checked the news today, I only called my family and some friends to make sure they're doing well, thank goodness they're all safe.


I see two kids swimming and playing in the pool, they're having really fun. One of them is wearing a pink and blue swimsuit. The other one is wearing almost like diving suit, her whole body is cover and she's got a hood too! Haha They both look really cute. I wish I had a swimsuit when I'm was kid, lol. I still won't be able to wear even if I had one because the people in the province are conservative.

Nothing really exciting today but that's how life is. It's not always the same as what we see on the social medias. Some days are exciting, somedays are boring. There are days that I want to go out but am lazy and it's one of those days, haha! Plus, am tired of travelling for now. It's always good to come home and relax.

The sun is setting down and I will have to go back to my place to take a shower and start cooking the chicken thighs am marinating in the fridge.

How about you? How's your day?

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