ULOG: I Ordered Food Through Food Panda & This Is What Happened...

I was feeling good. I came back to my place after a nice swim. I felt energized and was ready to make lunch and I saw the fridge, it's not empty but I don't have anything that I can cook. I forgot to pull out some meat this morning!

The problem is I am hungry and I don't feel like going out because it's going to take me at least an hour to get ready just to grab my lunch outside.

So I decided to place an order through food panda. I didn't exactly know what I want, so I decided to order an Indian food and pizza. I know what you're thinking... It's an awful combination! Lol.


I was having a hard time to pick from what restaurant I should be ordering so I thought to get Indian food and if I don't like their food, I have at least pizza as a backup, lol.


I ordered the chana masala and one plain naan from Bollywood Tandoor. I never tried their food and that's why ordered pizza from Sbarro.

My first order had arrived and this is the what is got:


First look at the naan, it's very disappointing. 😞 I know I wouldn't be happy with this but of course, I have to give a try.

The naan was too plain! From the word plain naan, they literally prepared it plainly, meaning it was bland! Lol, It was just a flatbread they roll out but flavorless.

The chana masala was edible, not terrible but it definitely didn't satisfy me. You can tell if the restaurant is being cheap with the ingredients.


When I compared the price of the dish from the favorite Indian Restaurant I always go to- Bhat Spice, they charge 180pesos for the same dish. On the other hand, Bollywood Tandoor is charging 275.

That's when I got upset! Not only that this place can't make the chana masala as better than Bharat Spice but they ripped me off and other customers by charging more!

Will I order from this restaurant again? Definitely not!

Two minutes after I decided not to finish my food, the pizza from Sbarro has finally arrived.


At first look, YAY! But then I flipped over, NAY!


It isn't my lucky day, is it? Haha Look at this pizza crust, it's as white the raw dough! And yes it was a little bit raw in the middle.

So I had to cook it in the pan because I am lazy to heat up the oven.


Now time to eat!

The pizza wasn't the same pizza when I ordered it the first time at the location. The dough didn't taste like a pizza dough. Am not sure which one is awful, the naan or the pizza dough.

I hate wasting food but I don't like eating it when am not enjoying it and my stomach is not feeling good right now. So, am just going to make some salad and go grocery shopping later.

Lesson learned: never let your fridge ran out of food! =p

How about you, how's your day so far?

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