ULOG: Lunch at ETTAS

"Tinanglad na manok with gata and aseute"

ETTAS is a Filipino restaurant that takes it to the a different level.

I wasn't expecting much of this place since most of the Filipino restaurants I've been to recently were just 'okay' not even close to being good and it's really upsetting because some restaurants are taking the short cut and I think they're being lazy.

Thankfully, today the meal was good but am not sure if it's going to be consistent... I really hope that they do because my partner and I are running out of places to get good food in Cebu! This our first time eating here and we only ordered one dish which was the half chicken in lemon grass, coconut milk and annatto oil.

At first I thought there should be more sauce in the dish but it was actually enough,it was think but not too thick and has good balance of coconut milk and lemon grass. The annatto oil or we call it asuete in the Philippines adds a nice color to the dish.

We ordered rice with it although the rice was ordinary, nothing special. It would have been better having it with Jasmine rice but this one I'll give a pass since the star of the table here was the chicken.

The chicken meat was a little tender, it had a little crisp on the outside and had good flavor from the coconut and lemon grass and some spices. I love ginger in this fish, I actually ate it. It was sliced really thin that it doesn't over power your palet. We paid a total of 360 php (6.77 USD) for the chicken and two cups of rice. I think it was a fair price.

I've had some Filipino chicken dish with coconut milk and lemon grass before but this is different so it was fun experience, like a food fusion.


The ambiance was really nice and the staff were friendly. I'd say I was satisfied with my experience and will be back again to try the other dishes on their menu.

Location: Garden Terrace, 4th floor, Ayala Center Cebu, Philippines.

Thanks for dropping by!

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