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I had my first bubble tea with my friend @florizdemayo after we had dinner at Phat Pho in Robinson's Cybergate. I had the matcha flavored milk tea with black pearls and 'zero' for sweetness level and I loved it! Am not sure about the zero sweetness level but my drink wasn't sweet except for the black pearls. My friend ordered a wintermelon special with chocolate pudding at 25% sweetness level. For me, I prefer the zero sweet if I already have add-ons to my tea just because I don't like sweetened tea.


Matcha Flavored Milk Tea

I have been ordering Bubble Tea through Food Panda almost every day now except for one day when we went to Dakasi at Ayala mall to try their milk tea since Chatime had a long line and we couldn't find any Bubble Tea Station.

At Dakasi ordered the charcoal roasted milk tea and I had the matcha red bean milk tea.

Neither of us liked what he ordered, I couldn't taste the roasted milk tea nor the charcoal (LOL). Was I supposed to taste the charcoal like a real charcoal? No idea, lol. The roasted milk tea was bland, my partner was quite upset and he didn't finish his drink. My drink was okay, it a had a matcha flavor but I was looking for more of it.

I did enjoy the red beans in it, it reminds me of the red bean ice cream I had in Thailand and I hope to find a red bean ice cream in Cebu. (If you know where to get one, please let me know and I'll owe that as a favor). ;D


I have to say that the Bubble Tea Station's matcha and other tea are way better than Dakasi plus they deliver free through Food Panda.


I like using their service and it's easy to track your order. Hopefully, this won't last a long time coz I have to spend extra time at the gym to burn extra calories, lol.


Caramel Latte and Dark Chocolate


Oreo Latte and Hokkaido

Their drink cost from 85php (1.57usd) to 120php (2.22 usd). So far I tried different flavors; matcha, dark chocolate, oreo latte, caramel latte, hokkaido (milk tea toasted caramel), hazelnut latte and today I ordered the honeydew.

My favorite flavors are matcha and the hazelnut latte. Am satisfied with the flavor and I enjoy chewing the pearls at the end. I wonder how long till I get bored of this drink or maybe not? LOL

How about you? What's your favorite tea-based drink?

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