Vlogging is harder than blogging?


My whole day was consumed filming myself for my upcoming vlog! I never knew vlogging was actually harder than blogging, or maybe am also trying so hard?

Well, I know that am trying my best to bring quality content to this block hain. Hopefully this workout for me, not try to make profit right away but for people to appreciate the effort that I'll put into my work.

All I have to do next is to learn how to edit my videos, which is a lot of work, haha. It's okay as long as an having fun right?


Yes, today I had fun filming my self, I was actually laughing while watching my video, I had so many bloopers, I was just all over the place. 😂😂😂

Practice makes perfect, right?

Thanks to @hungrypb for his tips on how to start a vlog, vest tip I learned from his article How to start vlogging in 2020. I suggest you read his blog if you're would want some helpful ideas on how to start a vlog.

Also, thanks to @waybeyondpadthai's coolest videos on the block hain, she's one of my favorite vloggers. She's cool and fun to watch.

This inspired me to jump into the vlogging world (very soon).

As soon as I finished editing my video... And oh, I still can't decide whether to use @dtube or @threespeak? Help pls! 😊