What Have I Been Snacking On?


I would be lying if I told you that I eat healthy food all the time. I love discovering new taste buds and experiencing food whether it's a good experience or bad but most of the time I choose to eat healthier.

My mom might not agree with this because she doesn’t like to see my collar bones sticking out beneath my skin and she calls me skinny even if my stretchable jeans already feel tight on my legs and buttocks. The struggle of gaining muscles especially after leg and glute days!

In this blog, I will be sharing with you what I have been snacking on this past few days, some are a little bit healthy and some are not very healthy choices. And this is me being me! You might want to gab a lot of water this way it won't make you crave and if it does at least you're too full to grab some treats from your pantry, lol.

The first one on the list is one of my favorite brands of ice cream!




Ben & Jerry’s, Netflix & Chill’d flavor.

Oh my how I had waited for this flavor to be available at the local grocery store! I love ice cream, you all should know that.I miss the good old days, where my partner and I would buy one each and sit on our sofa, sometimes bringing the mattress to the living room if we ever plan on staying up late for movie time because we have a smaller tv in the bedroom. But that was before our beautiful boy arrived in our lives, and I won’t exchange him for a full factory of ice cream or even if Anglo-Dutch offered his whole company, ehehe.

Next is snack suppose to be for my baby but I ended up, eating slowly and am now almost half of the container, lol.


Animal Cookies

My baby is lactose intolerant so we have to buy him food that is dairy free. My partner and I are both the same. That's why we use soy milk or other none dairy milk in our coffee. Although we make sacrifices and still consume some food & drinks with dairies in it because it’s just one of those things that’s hard to avoid and who doesn’t love cheese? Plus most of my favorite food has dairy,lol!

These animal cookies are dairy free and it's addicting too, or maybe just for me because my baby don’t really eat much of this, he prefers savory food and sour, like pickles, pizza, peanut-butter, potato fries (I think because of the saltiness that you get from it).


Peanut Butter

You’ll probably wonder why I would consider it unhealthy to consume peanut butter. It depends on how much you consume. 1 tablespoon of peanut butter has 94 calories and 3g of carbs. If you are like me, I ate about 10 tablespoons, sometimes just plain peanut butter or with banana, crackers or bread. Compared to almond butter, peanut butter has a lot of more carbs and calories. But there are times that I cannot be satisfied with just almond butter, it depends on my mood really. So I am guessing because this is the week where I have a monthly period and get very hormonal to the point that I actually use it as an excuse to eat a lot of junk, lol.



I have different varieties of nuts at home but this one I have been craving recently, and mind you it's coated in sugar so yes it is addicting! By the way, I am not recommending to anyone to purchase these items but if you do just mind on the amount that you will consume.


Photo taken from google search

Okay, I don’t have a photo of it because I didn’t want my partner to see me eating it or that I finished two containers in just three days! I know… I know what you’re thinking! But hey as I’ve said I can use my hormonal imbalance as an excuse, haha!

In case you’re wondering what it looks like, check the photo below. It’s the limited edition of Black Pepper & Cheese. Oh, it is really good!


Pound Plus Dark Chocolate

I have been munching on this almost every day. It’s not what I consider unhealthy because I still managed not to eat the whole bar in a day! My partner brought it from USA and I personally requested it as a gift for my birthday instead of a new laptop! Because I don’t need a new laptop. Also, I cannot buy it in the local grocery store or you find it please pm me on my social media pages: @itspurepinay or email me at purepinayhive@gmail.com, I’ll give you a tip for helping me find it here in Cebu, given the price isn’t 100% marked up, lol.

So he bought 10 pieces for me, even though he had to pay for extra luggage, that’s how crazy I can be with chocolates. If you ask me it is worth it trading it with a new laptop. In reality maybe not but the practical me don't want to spend on something if I don't need it. I want to but my laptop is still almost new and works amazing!

Anyhow, that's all for this blog. I'd like to know what have you been snacking on this week?

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