What Stopped Me From Using Actifit?


It's almost two weeks since I haven't used my actifit app, and it's because...

I was a little upset (actually, put six exclamation mark to have a little exaggeration?) that @actifit is automatically taking a total of 10% curation reward on top of the 25% that Steemit is taking from my earrings.

I know you can monetize your actifit tokens and it's quite a good ROI if you have already accumulated a lot of actifit tokens but at that time I was biologically emotional so I removed my 1000 SP delegation.

@actifit app takes a total of 10% from your total reward payout.

If you have been following, you'll know how I was so organized with my actifit posts, how much effort I put out that's why I promote my posts and another means of investing on Steem.

So 25% is being taken out for curation plus the 10% for @actifit, what is left for me? I just wish there was an option weather you want to donate the 10% or not, so I don't have to loss 35% of my earnings because I have been constantly posting using the actifit dapp every single day from January 19th until two weeks ago.

I also care about how I invest my money because I worked for it, blood and sweat (I used to not sleep just to work on my blogs, curating, and engaging with the community even those shitposts you call, I still put a little effort to make the photo look good or took over an hour just to come up with a catchy title!!!) Am not just talking about the actifit app, am also talking in general.

Also another reason why I stopped using actifit is the battery usage and the app kept closing from the background

I had to charge my phone more than twice a day, where I normally charge it once a day, right before I go to bed.

Am not sure how many of you aside from me and @bluengel encountered this issue. It's quite frustrating when you did so much cardio but didn't get all the activity counts. Sometimes even when am done with my workout, I have to keep going because I like to challenge myself to beating my highest score of 61k+ actifit points. Do you know anyone who got higher than 61+ activity count?

I have set a plan on how to use my actifit without draining my battery too much. I will only be using it during my workout. Wait, what! Did I use it for something else aside from fitness? Haha!

Well, yeah, I usually have the app running right when start brushing my teeth till the the last minute before submitting my posts. Sometimes, I'll start doing my cardio at around 5 in the morning when am in the mood! Crazy! The things you do to get more actifit points! 😝

No, I am not doing that anymore because it puts stress on me (not that it's a big deal, oh actually it is because I have to live my life trying to avoid stress as much as I can) but I need my phone more importantly when I do online trade using my phone. You know how stressful it is when you're in a middle of a trade and your phone died? Am like a pissed dragon who wants to blow fire on everybody! 😂😂

Will I be using actifit again?

Honest answer is... Yes, because it does help me motivate to do cardio exercise which I normally don't do a lot because it love lifting weights.Plus, it makes me look forward to waking up in the morning and go on a walk or jog which I normally didn't do a lot until I started using actifit app.

So, there you go, maybe it's not just always about money, I get so greedy sometimes that I don't look at the other positive side of things. What can I do, am just another human being trying to survive this
rat race, which is pretty much exhausting!

Then, I realized the amazing people behind the dapp, how much work they put into it, even just leaving a thoughtful comments on my actifit post which I really I appreciated. How can I be so self-centered?

Also, it's nice to know that I was able to inspire some Steemians to use actifit like @nathen007, who is now using actifit. So I guess instead of complaining, I have to give it another chance. I hope there will be some new update features on the app. Is there?

So, back to the new plan... I will only use my actifit app when am at the gym or am going for a jog outside that way I don't have to stress about my phone battery draining fast... What about when I walk around the mall, doing grocery shopping? We'll see, I haven't decided yet, depends if I don't need my phone to do online trading.

Question though to all actifitters, how many total hours in a day do you use the actifit app?