What You're Doing Wrong With Actifit App...

I've been going to bed early for the past few days, around 7 to 8 pm. I think ever since I was started using @actifit. It's a good way to motivate your self to always workout or even move around on your lazy days. At least it is for me.

I am competitive, so every time I see the @actifit dailyboard's top 10, it always makes me heart pump like am ready to run!

It's the 6th of February

...and I woke up around 3 am, almost the same time as yesterday and the day before. I think my body is getting used to waking at dawn and going to bed early, I didn't thought it I could be a morning person. I used to sleep after midnight and wake up close to 2-3pm, lol!

Right when I woke up, I immediately grabbedy phone and put it inside my sports arm band. I got up, started stretching and took me about ten minutes.

Even when I brushed my teeth, I had my phone with me. Yes, just by brushing your teeth it counts as an activity! Cool, ha!

While I was brushing, I have my other phone strapped on me, I was browsing, upvoting and responding to some comments on the 'steemit mobile app', @partiko using my second phone. Why kill two birds if you can kill three at once! Haha!

At around 4am...

I made a warm tea, I felt good. I walked around my place while I have two phones unfortunately transmitting radiation to my body, one on my arm and the other one on my right hand! Lol Is this safe?! Or am I going to blow up? Haha!

Note, it also have a warm tea on my other hand, all is need right now is a bicycle! Gosh it feel like I shouldn't join the circus! Haha

Two hours later...

I finished two cups of warm tea and I decided to check my actifit app. I unstrapped the arm band... My arm feels lighter now, haha!

Then it was time to check my activity count...

I got a 110 Total Activity for Two Hours!!!

I wanted to throw my phone outside the terrace. Haha!

What happened? Why did I got a very small count?

I tried the recall what happened on that two hours and I remember closing all the apps from the background of my phone so my battery won't run out.

What a Sparky!!!

This is the second time this happened. So that's what I did wrong and your probably did too?

Note: Check phone from time to time to make sure the app is still running on the background.

Well, you know what am just gonna do after this? Start all over and do my shuffle dance! 👯😜


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