Whole day in the kitchen!

My whole day was consumed in the kitchen... I started making breaded pan fried chicken and pork. I practiced it until I perfected it. Frying is all about timing, and learning the right temperature of the oil.

I fried 3kls of met today!! The failed ones, I think I had four pieces, tough and little burnt, I set a side. Some in saved in the fridge and frizer.

I also made some gravy. First batch I made was good forabout 2 cups only so I decided to make another another and this time added some white wine and I liked it better.

So, I ended up making a big pot of graving! Should last for few weeks, haha!

I will be giving some to my friends and my helper.

I also made mashed potatoes. Am into very peppery dishes, I noticed. Omg, I can't wait to have this in the next few days! I also put away for meal prep, shouldn't have problem for my post workout meal after all this food I cooked! Lol

I had some old wheat bread so decided to save it and made bread crumbs, yey!

Wish you live close, I could share some of the food I made today. If you can drop by anytime this week though, I'd be happy to save some for you. ☺️

I really had so much fun in the kitchen today. Now if you excuse me, I have to make a quick run so I can finish my actifit app.

BTW, I will be announcing the winner of my recent contest on @busykitchen account this week my schedule is quite full.