Why Complex Workout Is Good For You!

Hello, Steemians!

It has been a busy day for me but at least I was able to do a quick workout. I did a 15 minute complex dumbell workout for my arms and biceps.

When you say complex workout, it has to be something intense. Half way of that fifteen minutes I was already feeling the burn. When you do this type of exercise, you're supposed to complete the whole set with very minimal rest, I do Max of five seconds rest each each set (not reps). For example, the gif below, it's called preacher curls. I do 1 set for 3 repetition of 15. The only time I get a break is by switching the dumbell to my other arm. So, I don't have rest in between reps but I do it after the whole set.

The benefit of doing the complex workout is that it saves your time at the gym or wherever you do your workout. It is also very efficient if you are want to loss weight faster following a strict diet (low carbs or keto diet).


So, try pumping up your workout with complex barbell or dumbell workout if time is your enemy and your excuse to get that body that you want!

P.s. My arms are so sore right now, it could barely brushed my teeth! 😂

No Pain, No GaiN!

Xoxo, Gilaine