Why I Chose Big Bird!

My friend invited for lunch and since it's Sunday, it's a good day for me to go out because there's no traffic, means no stress for me. Am trying to avoid stress as much as I can.

I was craving some turkey but it's not common to serve on the table in my country unless you go to a special buffet. So, we went to a salad place at the mall called Salad Stop and lucky enough there was no line and only few people were dinning.

I decided to get the 'big bird salad'. Although it doesn't have real turkey, it's got a turkey ham and it was good enough time satisfy my cravings and that's my lunch today.

What's in it?

Romaine lettuce
Turkey Ham
*Added chickpeas



How about you, what did you have for lunch?

Xoxo, Gilaine