Why You Should Collect SCOT Tokens


The STEEM ecosystem is going through plenty of changes with a number of key Steemians calling it #newsteem. With all, that's going on recently it's easy to fall behind and taking a few days off could see you miss out on some awesome new opportunities on the blockchain.

One of the biggest changes to STEEM in recent months has been the introduction of SCOT tokens, a side chain created by @aggroed and @yabbamatt which can be found on their Steem Engine site. You may know them as the guys who launched @steemmonsters

What is Steem Engine

Steem-Engine allows ordinary steemians like you and me the ability to create our own token, this can be to reward a community or even tipping. The first community to do this was Palnet.io and Splintertalk.io

Why tokens are awesome

Tokens allow you to double up on rewards when you create content for certain communities and give you more stake as you become a frequent author in this so-called "tribes".

By creating content and earning tokens just like you would steem you have the opportunity to become a minnow/dolphin or even a whale something that is now far out of reach for the average steemian.

Staking these tokens are not only a way to earn extra money but a way to support projects you may enjoy. By staking your tokens you have more token power to reward others, earn more through curation and of course the more tokens you stake the less there is in circulation and the higher the price can go due to scarcity.

Find out more about SE SCOT tokens

Steem Engine Website - https://steem-engine.com/?p=tokens
Steem Engine Discord - https://discord.gg/HBgANFn