Wide Awake

I thought I would be able to get more sleep after getting up an hour ago. Well, I guess it's time for me to start my day.

Hmmm... What would it be today? I don't have any plans aside from going to the gym or just be lazy.

I am making my coffee... One of the best times of the day. And I'll be seating on the balcony, as usual. I wish I could travel again but I have to start saving some money. Traveling is not cheap, just the transportation food and accommodation will cost me probably a full month of salary (not that I go to work) or should I say a months of posting on Steemit since the price of Steem is very at the moment. It's not even worth selling any. No, I don't have plans in selling it for now, but just keep reinvesting. This is my home and will I will stay here until my hands are wrinkled! 😂

So, I am hoping the market will do good this year that way I can go on vacation (I call it a vacation on vacation) and I can share more stories with you.

As much as I would like to be involved with this madness that's going on with Steemit Inc, the witness, I'd rather step aside and not be mad because there's no point of it. I know it's important to get involved but there's no point of making of it right now. Politics is not my line. I want to live my life with very, very, very less stress as possible! 😅😂

Am about to enjoy my coffee... It smells so good!

Don't forget to share some good vibes today Steemians!

Xoxo, Gilaine